1: 33rd half-birthday

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1: 33rd half-birthday

Today is my 33rd half-birthday, or, better worded, the day I am sixteen and a half. Somehow it took me this long to realise that all I wanted was to have a blog in a cosy corner of the interwebs to share my thoughts and my experiences. Somewhere a little voice says that it will last longer if it’s here. I keep a journal, too. The words in the journal will probably not last as long as the content in the interwebs…but I’m thinking incredibly long-term for someone who’s just sixteen and a half today.

I keep a journal, and sometimes what I’ve written down in my journal will be posted here. I generally write in second person, but in the end, it’s all me. Everything is all me. Sometimes. No names will be mentioned, not even my own. We are all characters of a story by an author we do not know.

It’s all stream of consciousness, too. Unfiltered, thoughts of mine which I happily share with you. I don’t know you, but feel free to get to know me through these posts. I’d be happy to share my life with you, even if it is through the cobwebs of the Internet, even if it’s through a transcription of the words I’ve scribbled down in my journal.

In the end, it’s really all me. I’m here and I’m ready to share everything I have. Well, almost everything.

~ Serendipitous


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