3: Deep thoughts

For someone who is so happy and lively and cheerful around groups of people bigger than 2 people, it’s hard to believe that your favourite word is melancholia.

They were right when they said the happiest people are, at the same time, the saddest people when they are alone. Melancholia is something you drown yourself in daily at night, alone in the dark with the moonlight filtering through the curtains of your open window. It is something you drown yourself in willingly, listening to the same set of songs every night when you know no one is watching you. No one knows you do this. Children’s parents always say the same things: they think they know their children, but they really don’t, and they were right. Mom and Dad knows best – they are right because you have a totally different personality when you are around them, and when you are by yourself. So what is your real personality?

You don’t know. You’re just a serendipitous writer. And here is your contribution to the interwebs of the 21st century, until you find another one.

~ Serendipitous


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