6: Melancholia (written 11 August 2015)

6: Melancholia (written 11 August 2015)

This is the song that will be playing, either in your head or through your earphones, when you see him. You can see yourself looking at him. Past your ugly glasses is the shine of sadness and utter melancholia in your dark chocolate eyes, the expression on your face reflects pain and unrequited love. It breaks your heart to know that that will be the expression on your face and the stars in your eyes when you see him today, and yet, you’ll know he will probably not see this, the pain reflected in your face, he will not understand, even if you think you’re not exactly an open book…but in the end, does it even matter? Yes, you guess it does matter, yes…his opinion matters and you want to hear it, always. What does he even think about this book, this book of feelings, his book of melancholia, hoping you’d find good novel ideas?

Yes, very many good novel ideas, but in the end it’s really all from the heart and all from what you’re feeling and even though some things are fictitious, well the feelings behind all of it, behind all the words and the cursive handwriting, the feelings are so real.

~ Serendipitous

P.S. Real or not real?


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