7: Relationship (written 15 August 2015)

7: Relationship (written 15 August 2015)

You see it everywhere. It’s so real yet so fabricated. It’s all in the mind, the idea of a relationship and the idea of being in a relationship. But you speak as a salty human who can’t get a relationship of her own because she is, well, frankly, quite undesirable. But you kept thinking about it, this concept of a relationship, how fabricated and real it is. How could something like a broken relationship break someone? The concept is foreign to you; you haven’t been in a real relationship before. And that’s okay, you guess, because who really needs a man when you’re so far deep and entrenched in your academic life that, where you can only think of working hard and achieving your greatest academically…what a lie, because at night, your academic life can’t touch you. You’re immersed in the culture of relationships, love, courtship…you can only think of him and him only, kisses, hugs, bodily contact, intellectual but romantic conversations, it’s scary. Why does it have to be like this? Unrequited love, that’s so real yet so fabricated too…why does it have to be this way? You can’t say you love him. Love is not real. This is not real. And you are not real.

~ Serendipitous

P.S. Real or not real?


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