15: Not even a summer night (written 23 August 2015)

15: Not even a summer night (written 23 August 2015)

Approaching the end of August, the end of winter, the beginning of Spring…you left your house in winter apparel, oblivious to the weather. Sweating uncomfortably beneath your hoodie later on in the day, wishing hat you knew so you could have come out dressed in your favourite summer clothes…And now you’re sitting in your bed wearing your summer nightwear apparel, a long shirt that reaches your knees and a pair of old navy blue shorts. You’ve foregone the winterwear, it’s too much of a summer night…but it’s not even a summer night. It feels so much like summer though, your favourite season…

After work you looked up at the night sky. It was clear (ish) and you could see violet clouds accompanied by the shining smiles of stars beyond. A gentle breeze kissed your skin with lips like a caring lover, and you knew that even though it’s not the right month or season, you knew it was very much like a summer night, something that you’ve missed for so long…and now you realise, summer can’t come fast enough, and you don’t want the night to end.

~ Serendipitous


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