24: Post-formal depression/reliving memories/reliving things

24: Post-formal depression/reliving memories/reliving things

This may seem strange, but I am still not over my memories of formal. The less-than-sub-par music disturbs me so often that I have to turn to my own music for solace and comfort. I am afraid of the night, the memories, the memories that I will definitely not treasure, but the memories I will inevitably remember forever.

It’s not exactly a recent song, but it was released in 2013. It’s called “Crooked” by G-Dragon (yes, this is K-pop. Good job![!]). It’s the perfect song for any formal, nightclub, bar, dance, whatever. It’s probably one of the only songs I could just “rave” or “dance” to.

Uh oh where did the link go

Anyway you can find it on YouTube and judge for yourself, even if you aren’t a K-pop fan. I think it’s a great song for dancing to at these kinds of parties or events or whatever. For like the last two days, it’s been my go-to song to just “set and forget”. I guess I’ve been trying to do quite a bit of forgetting recently. Trying to forget my own memories, my horrible past, my everything. I know it’s not a great thing to do, but I can’t help it. It’s a song I use to forget things I don’t want to remember (which is rare, because I usually treasure all my memories, but lately things have been happening).

Also I’ve had this epiphany (I never know if this is the right word to describe anything like this) where I was like, “Yeah, after the HSC, I’ll go look for a nightclub which plays Kpop.” I did a Google search and I found a place, but the review was a little dodgy, but I am a little desperate to find a nightclub/bar which plays Korean pop. I would actually go there. I don’t


~ Serendipitous


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