31: Tantalisingly short (actual drabble)

31: Tantalisingly short (actual drabble)

Dedicated to one of my closest friends; she knows who she is.

It’s not entirely true, just for your information (and mine, when I read this much, much later).

She fidgeted nervously with her pen, numerous formulas jumbled in her brain as she ran through them as quickly as she could. Her left leg bounced underneath the table uncontrollably. Last week’s events flowed through her mind next to the formulas, and she didn’t know which one she was supposed to be concentrating on. It was as if the formulas were superimposed onto the detailed of memories of the past week.

Somehow out of nowhere, her right hand flicked outwards, and she sent one of her pencils flying off the desk, but not before it made an unceremoniously loud tap.

It must be a case of the nerves, she said to herself.

Before she’d even heard the inevitable ping of her pencil, she had begun to reach underneath the table. At the same time, the two boys sitting in the row in front of her spun around and both their hands desperately reached for the woe-befallen pencil. It would have been a comical sight; the very early developments of a three-way love triangle, but it was much too early to say.

“Oh, don’t worry…I got it,” she said.

The boys protested, but she paid them no attention as she retrieved the pencil. There was too much on her mind already; there wasn’t going to be enough room to think about the two boys in front of her anyway.

The teacher walked in. The papers were distributed. She tried to breeze through the first section of the exam, but she knew that she had attempted to struggle valiantly in the last section. A pass mark of 50 would be enough to send her awash with relief. However, there was also the possibility that she would not actually obtain a mark of 50%…

“I saw them reach for your pencil. It was adorable!” one friend gushed.


“The one on the right…he’s so rude; he normally wouldn’t pick up pencils for anyone, but today, he tried to pick it up for you…”

“They both have the hots for you!”

“You’re such a lucky girl!” another said wistfully.

She turned to observe the rueful glint in the girl’s eye. It was the shine of sadness which echoed desperation and yearning in both of the girl’s irises that stirred something within her, a streak of empathy flashing through her.




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