34: Wild from start to finish, although there really isn’t a finish, yet…

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34: Wild from start to finish, although there really isn’t a finish, yet…

Dedicated to the same close friend; it’s mostly based on what happened on the last day of November, but it’s from my perspective.

Half past nine in the morning and we’re hard at work. While I slave away at maintaining this lovely blog, my friend looks for my best guy friend so that she can message him a heart emoji from me (for the effect that apparently comes up on iPhones?).

She ends up messaging the wrong person.

While I’m taking in the fact that the person she messaged is someone neither of us really know outside of the Internet and the fact that she has just committed quite a significant faux pas, she desperately tries to correct her error. The boy she messages dismisses the mistake. She visits his Facebook profile to gage his looks and the school he’s from.

I’m still slaving away on my blog (at the time I was working on adding things to “Saved Items”).

At some point in the hour she realises that it’s the same person who picked up her pencil case from the day before at tutoring (I know I did say pencil in the drabble, but then she informed me it was her pencil case and not her pencil, and I am not bothered to change it [although I’m bothered to add tags to all my posts, interestingly enough]). Seriously, is this a teen fiction novel I’m living in??

They begin to hold a hearty conversation, where she learns that it’s his school formal today (although he doesn’t have a date). I don’t really follow along, because I’m too busy thinking about other things.

It’s like this guy could be her new love interest. I know when she reads this, she will turn to me and give me her look or say something to me, but I honestly feel like they hit it right off. I know they’ve been in the same class for about a year, but they literally just start talking today.

He says he’s going to leave Facebook, and “if we want to keep talking, you can wait or give me my number.” From 0 to 100 real quick, it seems. She successfully avoids it with some witty message my memory fails to produce, but she does eventually give him her number. They then proceed to text each other all the while.

They’re probably still texting.

She is one lucky girl.

In all honesty though, I feel like it’s too good to be true. Something just doesn’t feel right.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been cynical for so long that I don’t really believe it when something good happens to someone else.


~ Serendipitous



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