39: Virus

39: Virus

(Going to need to edit this later)

Summary of what happened yesterday:

9 am and felt relatively normal, but tinged with a hint of sickness. Not sure if it was because I was sick of Wellbeing Day or some other thing.

10 am and my arms were sore, my head was pounding and I felt the consistent urge to vomit.

10am-1.15pm: went to sleep in sick bay. They have an awkward piece of insulation batt cut out and a pillow case carelessly covering it (i.e. it’s not a real pillow). Went to sleep and woke up feeling worse. The office ladies don’t give medication without parental consent apparently (even though I’m 16, a strong-willed independent woman who need no man to look after her [but still needs her parents to look after her when she’s seriously ill]).

2pm: parents come and take me home.

After this I lose all track of time. I get Panadol. I wake up several times between 2 pm and 11 pm.

I go to sleep restlessly and wake up at 7.20 am by my stupid alarm on my phone.

I go back to sleep after that.

I wake up around 8.30 after dreaming about giving a speech on why I want to be a dentist (I can still hear the applause and the cheers as I gave the speech. I still remember parts of the speech, too.).

I eat another tablet.

11am and I wake up in a full massive cold sweat. Somehow I know that it’s over.

I’m okay. For now.

For someone who has an incredibly good immune system, when a virus attacks it’s almost like a near death experience. I only get this sick about twice a year, if not less.


~ Serendipitous

P.S. So that’s why I couldn’t post anything yesterday.


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