43: On How to Be Happy (by Alex P. Evans)

This is not my poem, but it is very beautiful and so, I would like to share it with you.

On How to Be Happy

When filthy knotted feelings
are tying up your chest
wash the soap down with vodka
until you feel clean again

Let some one in
Tell them
You’re broken
And longing
Give them a piece of yourself
Expect nothing in return

Don’t listen to your head
Light another cigarette
Touch her body
And then another
Pretend they’ve made you complete

Breathe ten times
Scream at yourself in the mirror
Move on
Leave it
Trapped in your reflection

Be carnal
Be selfish
Tell yourself a thousand lies
At least you’re sleeping well at night

Of stars in the dark
Remember they’ll hold you
When no one else will
Inside dandelion fields
Rest your thoughts till morning

What you’re feeling isn’t sadness
Or anger
You’re numb
revel in the pain
A little blood
An even exchange
Its your skin
Don’t let me stop you

Read your favorite book
Or poem
Or lyric
Crumple it
Toss it in the fire
Wipe away any trace
Read it again
Bask in the newness
Of something once forgotten

Be happy
For a second
A fleeting moment

You’re insides
And full of scars
Are beautifully woven

Be happy

-Alex P. Evans


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