46: Balloons

Apologies for not updating or taking care of you, my sweets. I was off suffering an illness but I guess I’m here now.

46: Balloons

These late night thoughts I always keep having are like balloons. They are always floating in the sphere of my brain, vying for attention, vying for release. They’re all different colours, shapes, sizes, significances.

Sometime during the night I might accidentally let go of some balloons. They’ll just float higher and higher until they never come back. I will always be left wondering what would have become of it, if it had just stayed…

Other times, the balloons are still there. They’re close to going. They’re up on the ceiling, trying to break through. I always pull them down though. Some of these late night thoughts are worth sharing, developing, expanding, loving.


~ Serendipitous


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