60: 47 Days

60: 47 Days

47 days: no friends unless through arranged meetings and the only humans I’m going to see are my family members for another 47 days.

More time to live in my head, escape the realism of academia for a little while before post-Christmas and New Year depression sucks me back in to the cold realities of what it means to be a truly academic student. More time to live in my head and create fantasies, memories, dreams, scenes, anything.

Only the boundaries of my imagination are my limits.

Ah time seems to be flying so quickly already.

Make it stop-


~ Serendipitous

Edit made at 7.43 pm on Thursday 17 December 2015: I WAS WRONG. I actually only had 43 days from when I first published this. Apparently we start school again A WEEK BEFORE.

It’s killing my teenage self.

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