67: 5.02 am

67: 5.02 am

Oh I’ve been sitting here so long and just thinking about my terrible insomnia and editing my past posts so it fits the right categories and just general maintenance of the blog of my life but I decided to open the curtains and it’s a beautiful dark grey mixed with a tinge of light grey-blue. Okay, that was a really poor attempt at trying to describe what I see.

I’ve taken a few photos but honestly the quality is quite terrible, sorry.

It gets light pretty quickly, I have to say. I love this. Just, the general concept of the dawn, I suppose. I rarely stay up until this point.

I suppose I’m asserting my alpha female dominance.

Oh, hear, the early morning birds in the distance chirp too, how beautiful their song is, despite my little understanding of it.


And then I proceed to periodically take photos of the sky outside through my dark curtains and forget to write on the blog.

As you can see I have terrible photography but I have hopefully captured this beautiful sky transition right. Dayum, gonna need to work on the photography skills.

5.30-7.30 am is just the time I usually dream the most. Perhaps it is time to return to bed.


~ Serendipitous

Published 5.34 am Friday 18 December 2015





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