69: Nutella Episode

69: Nutella Episode

So I’m at a friend’s house today to study to hang out and we had made plans prior to clean out her 5 kg Nutella jar (it was long overdue).

It was disgusting.

There are photos, I suppose, but would it really be worth posting? It was watery, goopy and inedible. It was worth cleaning because the jar can contain anything she wants now (except the Nutella).

While I was cleaning the lid, I didn’t notice that there was a spider on the other side. It had a large abdomen and it was blackish-orange. I let out a terrified yell and tossed the lid, sought refuge away from the source of my fear.

We managed to retrieve the lid and clean it again, but I was still terrified. I have rather severe arachnophobia, but not to the point of vomiting or anything like that. Spiders just terrify me.

That day was unusually fun, but still weird. It was still disgusting. That’s why you get Nutella in those tiny jars.


~ Serendipitous


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