73: New Books

73: New Books

Yesterday, I took it upon myself to visit Officeworks (stationery and office supplies franchise) and buy all the things I had been lovingly ogling on the Officeworks website. I was incredibly saddened that there were only 2 300 page A5 notebooks left (I love A5, and notebooks with a lot of pages), but I took both of them. Who knows how much I can write in the new year? I still have to finish the last five pages of the first book of memories, so I will have to get around to doing that.

I also bought 2 400 page lecture pads, and already the spine is breaking. I will have to cover it in plastic book covering, but I seem to be lacking some at the moment. How terrible.

Spontaneously, I’d also bought 15 96 page A4 exercise books (for my subjects) and 3 240 page grid books (for Mathematics). I was beaming with inner spiritual happiness.

I guess I’m not one of those girls you’d take out dress shopping or makeup shopping. If you were to date me, you should take me to a stationery shop.

Not that anyone would, of course. I’d take myself to a stationery shop. 🙂


~ Serendipitous

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