74: The Worries of a Part-Time Academic, Writer and Teenager

74: The Worries of a Part-Time Academic, Writer and Teenager

38 days left.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m counting down. Perhaps it’s because I know my summer days are limited before I am launched into the horrors, joys and wonders of senior school. Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to manage how much work I get done in these 38 days (originally it was 43, but I guess not anymore).

The dental manual is so big and note-taking is time-consuming. I only have about 4500 words in notes, and this took over 2 days to do. I should be doing better than that, yet I don’t seem to be finding the time to do perhaps the usual 10000 words I type each day. I haven’t exactly done much work to begin with, so I am a little worried. I must sacrifice my other teenagery pleasures, but I am quite unwilling and reluctant to give up such simple things which I wish to preserve my sixteen year old self by.

Like I always say here, so many things to do, so little time.

I’m afraid of not being able to write as much as I want to, now that my free time is limited by my own desires. I will probably not update as much as I’d like to, and instead write about my thoughts and write my drabble in my notebooks, and then post them here. Perhaps it will be easier that way. I’m not sure. I enjoy updating here and sharing with everyone my personal thoughts. After all, the purpose of this blog is to preserve my memories and be an access point for reminiscence as I sit in an old rocky chair when I’m seventy-something years old and hopefully not suffering from old age. I think what I’m most afraid of is writing too much and not doing enough of other work, or writing too little and still doing insufficient amounts of work. Gosh, I’m not sure. But I’ll try to update regularly. I mostly spend my time indoors in summer.

The worries of a teenager, however? I don’t really know what it’s like to be a normal teenager. There probably isn’t a set definition. I get a lot of adults telling me that high school is the best part of their lives, and I suppose so. I don’t really see adults enjoying their lives the way teenagers enjoy their lives when they’re in high school and not oppressed by the sheer pressure that academia thrusts upon them. Perhaps there is a way to be a teenager despite all these external forces.


~ Serendipitous

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