75: Summer Rain (written Monday 21 December 2015)

75: Summer Rain (written Monday 21 December 2015) 

The very much needed rain comes today and I am able to revel in its beauty, its unique smell, its perfume, its natural authenticity. Rain in the summer is so beautiful, breathtaking, oh….in another lifetime, another setting, another time, you’d like to be able to fall in love with another human being, maybe kiss in the rain, maybe slow dance in the rain, anything romantic will immediately get you. Already the rhythmic drumming of the rain gets you. How lovely it is that the summer rain can provide such comfort for you.


~ Serendipitous

P.S. I was really distracted while writing this so I didn’t write much for it. I honestly wanted to write a lot more, so maybe I’ll come back and edit this.


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