79: Book 2 of Memories

79: Book 2 of Memories

House of Dreams was my last entry in Book 1 of Memories. I spent a few minutes flipping through the entirety of Book 1, starting from 16 July 2015 and ending today. There were so many emotions, so many thoughts, so many novel ideas, so many memories that will forever exist only in Book 1. It filled me with childish excitement, knowing that I had completed my first book of memories, despite numerous attempts to keep something like this since I was seven years old. It was interesting to see how, since July, my handwriting has fluctuated, changed, yet still with the same kind of slant, perhaps 5-10 degrees slanted clockwise. I don’t know. I find my own handwriting beautiful; perhaps I am on the way to narcissism.

I look at my two A5 300 page Spirax notebooks sitting on top of other books next to my chair. They are so new, not a mark or blemish in any of the pages. Brand new, brand new, brand new…it is beautiful and I cannot wait to fill them with memories, emotions, thoughts, everything I have ever wanted to write about. Shall I start today or tomorrow?

The empty pages are so alluring, enticing, tempting. I have so many tasks to fulfil as a slave to my academic life, yet I am willing to set them all aside just to write a simple entry in book 2 of memories.


~ Serendipitous

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