104: R&R – Repentance & Remorse (poem)

104: R&R – Repentance & Remorse (poem)

Flawed human being I am
Lashing out when I’m angry
Releasing my pent-up energy
My only intention is to hurt

Hot tears of frustration flow afterward
The only evidence of my anger
With the scars I’ve inflicted upon
Both the victims and me

Fiery, flammable rage engulfed me
And the flames eventually died
I burned myself out
I retreated into the shadows

At night I lie wide awake
Thinking of the pain I’ve caused
How I know I can’t take it back
But how will I move forward?

Each time this happens
I make the same discovery over
And over and over and over
Still, I learn nothing

It’s just the same rage
Same results
Same pain
Same apologies


~ Serendipitous


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