105: Promises (written Wednesday to Thursday 6-7 January 2016)

105: Promises (written Wednesday to Thursday 6-7 January 2016)

You like how you haven’t used your new notebook since CHRISTMAS. You’ve left it in your bag to rot and feel rejected. As you’re writing you feel like you’re developing a 2016 kind of handwriting, even though you don’t have any new year resolutions or whatever. Maybe it’s time to make some promises of your own in regards to this notebook. Write a little in your notebook everyday. Even if it’s a little. Aim for a page a day though, sufficient writing needs to be in order to, well, make your future self happy.


Before you got distracted…do you still have your balloons with you? If not, then don’t worry too much. You feel like you’ve lost your balloons. Heartache wracking you, exhaustion your eyeshadow for today…promise that you’ll write everyday. Promise that you’ll study hard. Promise you’ll love…wholesomely? You love using that word. Wholesomely. Wholesome. It makes you feel better. Promises, promises, promises, what do they even mean anymore? You love making promises. Seems like you’re bound to something when you’re really not. That’s okay. You’re tired. Go to sleep. Falls asleep. Forgets all the promises, all of them.

Well, good.


~ Serendipitous



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