107: Lone Afternoon Walk (written Saturday 9 January 2016)

107: Lone Afternoon Walk (written Wednesday Saturday 9 January 2016)

Didn’t want to write too much about the chaotic episode that ensued yesterday, and so squished it at the end at the bottom of the page.

You decided to take a late afternoon walk today, based on yesterday’s inspiration, and it was very rewarding. Your own walking pace, with your notebook clutched tight in your hand, listening to soothing music on a loop, lost in your thoughts and watching the view pass you by. You’d very much like to call your neighbourhood a quiet suburbia, but is that truly an accurate and appropriate description?

You took your sweet time walking to the park. It is a fair distance away from your house, but the air of serenity that surrounds you while you sit in the deeper end of the park soothes your mind, takes away the harrowing nightmares of your academic life and covers the ever-growing continuum of time. You are quite lost in your own thoughts, the tranquillity of nature beside and all around you. Away from the prying eyes of immediate family, away from the Internet, away from the self that you are when you are at home. But tomorrow you’d like to try taking a walk to the Plaza to sit and write. It will be a lot noisier, but there will be more things to see, feel, hear, observe.


~ Serendipitous

P.S. I’ve been so lost in these beautiful summer holidays tearing among my various personalities trying to find my real self to enjoy what’s left of the summer holidays (only 19 days left! I was still under the impression that there were 26-28 days left??). In fact, I’ve been lost to the point that I thought today was Wednesday (why, why) even though today is actually Saturday O_O I’ve lost all sense of time 😦 but I love it 😀 emoticon overload ohh


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