108: If I Had a Lover

108: If I Had a Lover

If I had a lover, he’d have half-sleepy smooth brown eyes
Which would instantly brighten at the sight of me.
A bright smile will adorn his features,
His perfect white teeth would be my favourite.

He’ll have glasses because he spends a lot of time reading.
We’ll get a matching pair, just for no reason
Well, maybe because we’re both short-sighted
But I’d like to get a matching pair anyway

If I had a lover, he’d be adept at the sciences,
Maybe mathematics too if I wanted
But perhaps he’ll be a lover of poetry as I am,
That would be the cherry on top, I suppose.

I’ll write poems for him every day of the year,
Proclaim and shout my love for him through poetic words
Hear him call back similar words to embrace me
Perhaps we will share numerous kisses

If I had a lover, he’d also be my best friend
Someone I can tell all my secrets to, and
Reveal my true self to him despite the darkness of it all
And he’ll tell me his, and we’ll embrace each other again

We’ll look at each other with loving eyes,
Share our dreams and aspirations,
Know that there is a space for one another in our future
And join hands in a unity only understood when in love


~ Serendipitous

P.S. He doesn’t exist πŸ˜₯


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