113: Before I Go To Sleep

113: Before I Go To Sleep

Brain whirring, short of breath
Rush of motivation (or is it adrenalin?)
Coursing through my veins, my being
Every night, it’s like this

Tomorrow, I’ll study each of my subjects
I’ll complete my homework on time
I’ll revise my grammar tables for Latin
I’ll peruse my textbooks like my personal Bible

Tomorrow I shall wake up early,
Fall in love with the dawn
Sit down at my desk, open my books
Fall in love with the numbers and the sciences

Through the night I’ll sleep restlessly,
Toss and turn as the numbers chase me
Through the deep woods of English literature
I’ll wake as I finish the last problem of the exam

By then the motivation will have gone
Regret will seep in, wreck me
I’ll sit down at the coffee table and wonder
Why I’m putting myself through this


~ Serendipitous


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