121: Free

121: Free

I feel like recently I’ve been doing a lot more free verse poems than I am; like, just coming up with poems and verses on the spot and not really thinking about the metre or the rhyme, and neglecting my drabble writing skills. I do kind of regret not writing enough and focusing a little bit too much on my studies. I don’t want to be too uptight about my studies but at the same time, how can I ever hope to achieve great things without really sacrificing something that I do daily?

Although that’s probably a bad way to put it; I don’t want to sacrifice writing. What am I even saying? I’m just writing from my stream of consciousness which I rarely do nowadays. I should do this a lot more often, maybe just comment on my day and slip in a few figurative words subtly or something. Yes, that would make me feel slightly better about everything that’s going on in my life. And finally being able to filter my thoughts on (paper). Mm, yeah.

I can’t wait for the 25th. Zico will be releasing his new song, “It was love”. You can find it under the Seven Seasons YouTube channel, and you can find the teaser for it which is 47 seconds long. The teaser made me cry. Maybe it triggered sad memories for me. I’m not sure.

Today I guess I’m trying to be a bit more free with my words, and treating my blog as more of a place I can dump my thoughts and look back on them when I’m older rather than treating it as a place of romanticism and love for myself.


~ Serendipitous

P.S. Couldn’t be bothered trying to make this longer. I wanted to get back to watching Vines. Getting in touch with my lazy side again I guess.


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