131: Quickly

131: Quickly

A little girl sits under the stars in her rocking chair on a rickety porch pondering the meaning of life as she rocks to and fro, briefly sniffling her nose from time to time as the cool air embraces her little body. She wonders about the human experience, the notion of love, the concept of relationships, the numbers of the sky, the constellations, the stories, the things she needs to do, get done, before she goes on camp. She wonders how such tasks are completed in such a short amount of time. No time to do this, no time to do that. Auto-pilot on all the way. It’s like she’s turned into a robot. There isn’t even any time to write creatively, from the heart. The desire to write only comes from experiencing extreme emotions in the daily life, and even then…


~ Serendipitous

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