152: Here Come the People

152: Here Come the People

One by one they shuffle through the door awkwardly,
Failing to meet my shy eyes
Standing away from my cast shadow
Pooling near the back of the room

After a few minutes they look up
I force a smile, tuck a strand behind my ear
Let my eyes flit away
Let a leg cross in front of the other

One by one they approach me
Hello, hello, what’s your name
Where are you from
It’s very nice to meet you

I smile, fold my hands behind my back
Hello there, it’s great to see you
Thanks for coming today
Please enjoy the rest of your stay

We made great conversation and laughed
We shared memories and stories
We shared some of our secrets
We arranged more times to meet

You there, by the coffee table
You were once my best friend.
You said some ugly words
And I was consumed with anger

I stormed out of the room
Left behind those friendships, the memories
Slammed the door behind me
Wept silently as I left loudly

Today I stand in a new, empty room
In a few minutes they’ll come through the door
I’ll take a deep breath and…
Here come the people


~ Serendipitous


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