186: Tall Rose

186: Tall Rose

As I walked home today, I woke up. Like, really woke up. It’s one of those moments you’ll remember forever as you’re ravaged by the passing of time, a snapshot of a moment which timestamps the exact stage in your life where you feel a certain emotion.

I really woke up. Who knows, in two years’ time, I could be away from where I am now? Who knows, in a years’ time, how badly I’ve rewired my own thoughts to be negative (and perhaps they already are).

Who knows, who knows, who knows…

It was because of the tall rose in someone’s back garden. It was looming over the white picket fence and I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by its grand stature, its thin stem curling upwards like a suspended strand of smoke. It was much taller than me, and seemed to have an air of unattainable beauty about it. Also, unattainable achievement.

It’s all it took to get me thinking about my direction in life, how far (or how little) I’ve come, to be where I am. I just saw a tall rose, and here I will have a snapshot of a moment to remind me of this time in my life forever.


~ Serendipitous

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