203: Disappointment

203: Disappointment

It’s like a grey cloud that keeps raining on your parade, and it doesn’t stop raining. It’s like feeling that you need to give up everything you’ve ever loved doing.

So I got back my assessment mark for the story I worked so hard on and it’s probably safe to say that I will never write another creative again.


Oh who am I kidding

Apparently there wasn’t enough plot going on. Do you need plot for a good short story though? I guess. I need to let it go. I can’t let it affect me so much. The writer that I want to be isn’t going to be defined by some mark. But I let my life revolve around this so much. It was one turbulent month.

I’ll rewrite everything. I’ll change the characters. I’ll change everything. I need to see myself in a better light. I don’t have time for negativity. I’ll get full marks and acknowledgement that I am a decent writer, or I’ll die trying.

Same with getting into dentistry. I’ll do my best to get into dentistry, or die trying. I want to either achieve my life goals or die trying.

So much disappointment in one post


~ Serendipitous


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