219: Pure Melancholia

219: Pure Melancholia

It’s that state of mind again. Where we feel empty inside, but want to feel the depression drowning us, suffocating us, strangling us until we have no breath of love nor fire to give. We wonder why we’re feeling so down, and then we’ll attribute it to the winter. We’re afraid of winter, each and every one of us who lives here. We are afraid of the winter because it returns to us some of the worst memories we’ve all experienced. It returns to us the pain of rejection, the loss of friends, the empty square we were supposed to fill but were too afraid to.

Tonight, we all feel the same. We feel sixteen again, we feel oppressed by greater emotions we have fought and lost control of. We feel the cracks starting to smile underneath the pressure of the false lives we lead when we aren’t being watched by those in positions of higher authority.

We want to escape, but we don’t know how.


~ Serendipitous


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