220: Vicious Dreams

220: Vicious Dreams

At night im allowed to go out running for a while before dinner is ready. I run around the white suburban neighborhood.
When I come back, my mom is just leaving to go to get something from the supermarket and my dad comes back.  Theres a whole bunch of people in the driveway and my dad is talking to them. Then he talks to me but I don’t respond. Day time. The people are still there. I tru to hide in the back but they still see me, hear me because my dad is yelling at me to behave and im yellimg back at him. I think to mysrlf I’m 18 I don’t need this B’s jn life so I run. I run off through a second driveway in the houdr while hes yelling. And old woman peers around the corner to look for me, but im am gone.
Later I find myself at the park, where there’s aa children athletic carnival going on my dad is there and hes looking for me with that angry expression on his face, his hawk eyes turned on and im very scared. I trh to hide amongdtmnd the kids. He finds a basketball and then begins playing by himself but he is still looking for me. I don’t know what to do. I hear him bellow my name a few times. I still try to find a way to leave the park without him noticing

And then I wake up cod I’m so terfieijd


~ Serendipitous

Edit: Half-asleep typing, thought I would leave the typos in


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