224: Tears for Nightfall

224: Tears for Nightfall

These unearthly hours allow for unearthly thoughts, undesirable happenings, awkward outcomes, irrational dreams, it allows for everything.

Some girl out there silently weeps for no reason, but tries to find one. Restless in dreams and restless when awake. People. Humans. The need for love? Acceptance? She cries and cries, though no tears fall. It is a silent weep. A weep of the heart, the sounds of which only she can hear. Perhaps someone else out there can hear it too. They just don’t know each other.

Oh, how she wishes she could meet him. Has she already met him? She thinks of him so often, though she doesn’t have his name, his age, his phone number, his face, his anything. Maybe he isn’t born yet. Maybe he has died tragically. Maybe he will not exist.

Some more tears fall. The girl weeps. Then she will go to bed, fall asleep with the stars in her eyes and the tears on her cheeks, and wake up in the morning with next to no memory of the night which has passed.


~ Serendipitous




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