229: Five Things I Hate Right Now

229: Five Things I Hate Right Now

What a “seventeen” thing to say. But they must be said.

Five things I hate right now:

1. My report

One word: tragic. Sue me for aiming too high and crashing so low.

2. Extension Mathematics

To be fair, the test wasn’t too bad, but the amount of marks available…39. Losing a mark is the same as losing 2.5%. More or less. Don’t check on me with the math.

3. Love

In any list of top five of things I hate, this has to be in it. I hate it so much. I know it’s supposed to be a part of us or something, but I really, really hate it. It’s not because I don’t think it will happen to me, it has but it has failed so miserably. Also, this is not the time for it.

4. Boys

Everywhere, there are boys. And everywhere, I will try to avert my eyes. So basically, if you’re a boy, you’re not exactly allowed to have a look into my soul, nor will I try to get to know you more than necessary. Perhaps after finals. But I’ve been hurt before, and I don’t want to hurt you either. This is also the wrong time for you. I will most definitely prioritise everything else above you.

5. Studying

Normally, I would love studying, but there is a limit as to how much I can do and still attain shitty results. How to even life 😦


~ Serendipitous


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