234: Remember When?

234: Remember When?

I used to write in a notebook. I still try to, although I fail to update it as regularly as my blog. I found it again.

Remember that notebook which used to make up most of the earlier posts on this blog? I do. I should be studying for my Latin assessment tomorrow, but just for once, I wanted to relive being in love. When I was sixteen, of course. Before Christmas. When I was in love with the wrong person and nothing ever worked out but I was stubborn because I thought something would work out.

I was just trying to learn it again. But I felt nothing. Well, except a fleeting tinge of pain, which disappeared as quickly as it had come. Seriously, just reading my own words from barely a year ago, I do not feel anything at all. Rather, I can conjure up some kind of anger for the angsty sixteen year old child. What kind of person was she? So young, so in love…


~ Serendipitous

I will have a word with the sixteen year old.


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