238: Vicious Dreams, Again

238: Vicious Dreams, Again

Mehul gives me back my tutoring hw. I have a ridiculous amount of mistakes. the first page of questions is 1mpqrst I wake up in Chatswood in a concierge. Disoriented. Lost. In full school uniform. Half battery on my phone. I just want to get home but I end up exploring. I end up finding an airport and a history museum id normally find in the city. The history museum has some kind of private school institution as well. Some Asian snobby private cool girl looks at me dirtily with her mom. I ignore her. Shes ugly. I walk around some more. Some girls from history class at school lining up inside the museum. I go upstairs and go outside. Rachel and Sophie pan. Rachel seems upset. I walk past them. They’re in uniform. I’m tired. Suddenly I have my chs rowing hoodie. I drive home. But on the way home I notice a crazy blue Jeep on the other side of the road.. every time I see it. I can hear someone in my head. They’re like, watch out, ill get you. They always seem to be aiming for me but ending up on the wrong side of the road. I break several road rules ro avoid it. I end up crashing my own car. But I commando roll into my house, where the door is slightly open like 50 cm.

My mom is waiting for me and crying. I don’t know why she is crying. She tells me she didn’t know where I was. Neither do I. The whole family is in the kitchen. Something transpires. A while later I head upstairs. She tells me I lose my sweet tooth. I charge my iPod and phone. Something about only distributing Five lollies.

Damn it I went to bed at 10 and woke at 5 to do work but im too groggy


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