243: Stromae

243: Stromae

The friends I have who take French Continuers recommended me to watch/listen to Stromae. As a former French student myself, I thought, why not discover some more music in foreign languages, and lo and behold, he has become one of my favourite artists already. These three songs are the ones I’ve been trying to play on repeat a lot since they resonate with me quite a lot – they are so meaningful and really address real world issues. I love that. For me, he’s like the French Zico, and I love that.

I really love Stromae. I think he’s doing something quite wonderful, and I’m ready to immerse myself in French culture again.

Stro|mae comes from Mae|Stro đŸ™‚ French verlan by reversing the position of the syllables and you get some pretty cool words! Fun fact of the day, I guess. You learn something new everyday!


~ Serendipitous


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