244: Drunk on Exhaustion

244: Drunk on Exhaustion

Tired. Dreaming of a lover’s lips glued to mine. Dreaming of unhappy relationships with the wrong men. Dreaming of whirlwind romances which end up with broken hearts. Dreaming of dancing dinner dates with passionate goodnight kisses.

So this is what happens when there are no more assessments until the next school term. A girl doesn’t study, dreams of unrealistic things, doesn’t sleep, listens to romantic French music, and whatnot.

She really thinks about unhappy relationships with men who are not for her. Those kind of relationships inspire real emotion in her. The only thing which can stir the goop which is her dead, black soul is the misery of failure. Oh, how past failed relationships have incited emotions like anger, jealousy and melancholia, true human feelings she thought herself incapable of experiencing.

It is the human experience. Emotions, falling in love, being brokenhearted.

Find me a lover. I have some time.


~ Serendipitous

The girl will wake up tomorrow remembering nothing and regretting everything she says here but who cares, we’re here to preserve memories



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