246: Letters to No One (#3)

246: Letters to No One (#3) 

I know a boy who resembles Donnie Yen. We used to…I haven’t seen him in a while. We’re probably less than ten kilometres apart, yet…who cares ahaha

Lately, I’ve been craving affection. I am always craving affection, actually. This should be called letters to a future boyfriend, but I’m mentioning another, so…letters to no one it is.

I was thinking, maybe when we all grow up, and I get a boyfriend, can you tell him for me that he should kiss me everyday? Well, let’s be a little more realistic than that. Can you tell him for me that he should kiss me every moment we’re together, no, sorry, I’m being even more unrealistic.

Sorry, I’m rambling. To the future boyfriend, will you promise to kiss me at least once every time we see each other? And a hug, and an exchange of whatever. Yes. Date nights with a movie and dinner. Lunch at cafes when we can afford it. Spending time with each other. Yes. I’ll let you know when I know who you are. May our relationship live long and prosper.


~ Serendipitous

Seriously why do I think of these things when I am barely out of high school and emotionally unavailable and completely disinterested in anything that isn’t related to my life right now


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