261: Two Screens

261: Two Screens

A few days ago, maybe the day before yesterday, my dad gave me a new monitor. Like, a second screen for my laptop. My laptop is quite small, and at first I had to take a few moments to think about whether I wanted a second screen, but watching my second screen more than my primary screen feels so weird considering I’m not a tech nerd and don’t need this second screen other than for slightly more convenience when I’m taking notes and need to view two documents at the same time or something. It’s quite nice. I’m sorry I’m not writing any poetry or drabble like I should have been during the holidays. The holidays are already gone ??? I don’t like this already.


~ Serendipitous

2.24 am

Yeah I don’t know why I put the times down, it just seems right for when I come scrolling back

I’ll write a poem or some short drabble later even though my mind is hyperactive I really want to visit some dreams


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