265: First Tears

265: First Tears

Normally I would go to bed extremely tired and sleep heavily before waking up in the morning with no memory of the night before and hurry to get ready for the bus which leaves in twenty minutes but whatever transpired last night somewhat haunts me.

No, not a horror story.

I started crying over you. I got too involved in reliving the emotions I felt with my first kiss and I watched a lot of actors kiss on-screen before I called it a night, but I couldn’t fall asleep for a while. I was too busy thinking about you, wondering when I’d share my first kiss with you. My heart started bleeding all these emotions I can only remember from before Christmas. An eruption of nerves that starts from the heart and numbs the torso. It was all too familiar, and I haven’t even met you, but I keep seeing you in my dreams and that alone could have been enough reason for me to start overthinking about you. These must be the first tears I’ve shed for you, but definitely not the first over a boy. I haven’t even met you yet and the power you have over me is astounding. It intensifies the love we’re to share all the more, at least it does for me.

All I can remember other than shedding tears for you is that I wanted to be lying next to you in bed, legs entangled with the sheets, with your legs, our arms embracing each other, our lips connecting..


~ Serendipitous

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