324: The First Day of Year 12

324: The First Day of Year 12

I couldn’t fall asleep easily for a long time, maybe two hours? And then after that I would periodically keep waking up again. It was more of a mixture of dread, resignation and sadness that kept me awake. It wasn’t all that bad when I finally put on my uniform and went to school with a new folder and some loose leaf paper. I decided to keep my Latin class! And got back my science yearly results, which were good. I sit alone in Maths, because no one likes to sit next to a weird girl and this weird girl doesn’t have close friends in her maths class anymore. English becomes mundane in the last few minutes of the class, but that’s how it is. And then a free period. And now I’m home. I’ve survived the first day of Year 12. I know it’s going to just get harder and harder from here. Like a snowball effect. I need to think about what I want and how I want to get there. Maybe in fourteen months I can find myself going interstate like I planned. Well, I need it. I need to leave the people here. The hostility increases with each passing day.


~ Serendipitous


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