332: Only Her Lover’s Kiss

332: Only Her Lover’s Kiss  

She curled her legs around his middle as she shifted her weight to nestle comfortably in the curve of his lap. Aware of his eyes on her, she smiled briefly as she rested her arms on his shoulders and cupped his neck gently. Grinning ridiculously, the little girl looked up into her lover’s eyes, playing a game of guess-the-colour with herself again. Onyx, obsidian, mud, brown, stubborn brown? He gazed at her intently from underneath the hoods of his half-sleepy eyes and she felt her heart knock loudly against the side of her head, her breath quickening as anticipation gripped her thighs. With some calculation she allowed herself to lower her eyes to his sealed, soft lips.

Without warning, he immediately closed the distance between their lips while she was thinking about initiating the kiss. Her eyes swiftly shut to embrace the cool darkness behind her lids as she kissed him back ardently. Her fingers pulled on his neck as she felt him communicate to her how much he missed her in the week that had passed; how much he wanted her…how much he loved her. A hot flush rose in her cheeks. Rising palpitations in their respective hearts betrayed their desire for each other. She allowed her fingers to come away from his neck to run through his hair as she began to lose herself in his passion. Before she could go any further, he broke the kiss, only to look into her eyes, her soul, again. He smiled. She wondered what he had seen. His own reflection in her irises? Her love for him? Her deepest, darkest desires? She drew back from him to raise her fingers to her lips, feeling love’s burning sensation emanating from beneath her fingertips as she drew them back and forth across her lower lip, all the while maintaining eye contact with him.

Only her lover’s kiss could inspire a kind of incessant need for more helpings of his special brand of fervent love.


~ Serendipitous

This is for you, honey! Hehe


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