335: One-Year Anniversary of serendipitouswriter

335: One-Year Anniversary of serendipitouswriter 

Well, a year and a day. 

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come? 334 posts later, we are 366 days into the future. The future of the past is now. Live your best life from moment to moment. Or something. 

Shitty anniversary post. Next year’s anniversary post will either be postponed or posted with very few words. Because I’ll be in the middle of the last set of exams I’ll ever take for high school. How time has passed, ravaged me, leaving no mercy for me in its path of seemingly inevitable destruction and decay and ageing. It was like yesterday when I walked past the Year 12 Common Room saying, “This will be ours in five or six years’ time.”

Well, hello, dear year 7 me. Time flies when you’re having fun. And when you’re not. I wish you didn’t live in the past and in anticipation of the future all the time. Live moment to moment.  
~ Serendipitous 

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