348: Buffer

348: Buffer

Somehow it gets easier everyday to not post something. Maybe it was because I had assessments. I still have one more to go, which is Latin. Just 2 hand-in essays. No biggie. I will get around to them once I get over my initial sadness about doing average in the Extension 1 Maths assessment. Always the same promises of “I’ll do better next time” even though there is going to be a next time and there can be no more promises made about how the next time will go.

I have a longer rant I will post soon. I just need to get all the rubbish off my chest first in a preliminary (haha) post before I get into all the things I want to rant about. The creatives and lovely connections that humans have with nature will come soon. Summer is here. Crap. I’ve been so absorbed in trying to do well in my assessments and worrying about myself that I missed the start of summer. But Summer started in October for us. Bless the land down under.

Also, fuck you honey.


~ Serendipitous

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