370: The Unlikely Couple

370: The Unlikely Couple

In a sense, she had not been ready to love. In the sense that one should completely love herself before she devoted her entire existence to another; yet she had fallen in love with him and was ready to give him her everything before she had even given herself a chance. She loved him endlessly. And so born was the unlikely couple. How?

She was fiery and loved to feel exhilarated, even by cheap thrills. He preferred to spectate rather than participate. She had a love-hate relationship with life; often she would love the feeling of being alive and truly embracing her spirit, and other times, she wanted to end her own existence. He did not have this problem, but had the problem of coaxing her out of her frequent bouts of suicidal ideation. When she was the life of the party, he was the quiet shadow hovering in the corner of the room. She had a wide smile, wide face, wide hips. He, narrow in all places for the most part. She tried to be open-minded, but she was actually had a one-track mind. He was more open-minded than her. She stereotyped things; he did not judge until he dealt with things himself. And so on and so forth. A list of complete opposites, yet in so many ways possible, they complemented each other. They were an unlikely couple, but perhaps one of the rarer, longer-lasting couples.


~ Serendipitous


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