376: Untitled

376: Untitled

Life is one hell of a roller-coaster. She sobs. The last time she sobbed like this over her comforter, curled up in the dark on her bed, it was over that boy she wasted three years chasing. Poor girl. The endless wallowing of self-pity. She sobs again now. They now do not have what they had in September. All is not lost, however, there is still some purpose in life. Their love is a little different now. She wonders, briefly, if it can ever be the same again. She suffers. He also suffers under the knowledge that she is psychotic. She wants to really change for him. She wants to be good. The good wife, the good girlfriend, the good daughter-in-law. A good person. She is afraid that their undying love will suddenly become the embers of an expired fire. She loves him. She truly does. The economy, the last year of high school, their families, it changes them. She embraces change but when change throws shit at her she doesn’t know what to do anymore. She needs to wake up. She knows, she knows, but she needs some time to wake up. Give her time. She will also give him time. Love is time. She loves him. She weeps for him, and for herself. She is sorry for the things she said. She needs to be his first and last love. She needs him to be her last love. There are things in life which are best left unsaid, undone, untouched.

Seriously, she loves you so much. But I suppose the more one says it, the more meaning is lost. Actions speak louder than words. She can only show you when you let her.


~ Serendipitous


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