390: Don’t Overthink It

390: Don’t Overthink It

I have come as a messenger, as the voice of reason, once again, to allay your concerns, your fears, the churning in your stomach that only comes when you’re nervous. I can feel them, too, you know, and I would like to put you at ease.

Please, don’t overthink it. A little distance never hurt anybody…but even I feel unconvinced in saying that. I know you haven’t felt this nervous in a long while. You weren’t even this nervous for sob high school presentations. You’ve done your part, now you need to do the hard work to reassure him…everything is going to be fine. Silence is normal…

Well, I am doing a shit job as the voice of reason if I don’t even believe the shit I’m saying. Well, fuck. There’s nothing I can do. We aren’t shot to shit. At least we’re just nervous, and not having a complete breakdown, right? It’s fine. But you should stop walking on eggshells. Are you a nagger? I wouldn’t say so. Not really…okay, you feel like one, but you’re really probably not.

God, even now I am overthinking this. Just do your stuff and go to bed early…


~ Serendipitous



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