392: Exam Block is Over!

392: Exam Block is Over! 

Bless that even though I hate the fact our school does half-yearly exam block early, it’s over now! Yay! I did shit in some but it’s over now!

So I had the rest of the day off with the girls having overpriced lunch and some fun karaoke times 🙂 very good stuff. Got to relax quite a bit and I’m not ready to return to school and the endless workload but I guess you can’t have exam block forever. Definitely coming back to the blog at least a little bit, and yeah just good vibes overall.

I am slightly worried for a discovery creative.

I am slightly worried for my honey and myself.

I am slightly worried about not being able to leave this exam block mindset (getting to leave school at 10.30 am after your exam is nothing like leaving school for your double free period at 12.35 pm). But of course that should be fixed in literally less than a day. I miss this blog. And I’ll be like what, eighteen, in 43, 44 days? Fun! Not the alcohol bit, but turning eighteen. Mm, yes.

I miss everything that was before exam block.


~ Serendipitous

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