398: Suddenly Seventeen

398: Suddenly Seventeen

My friend in English was not exactly paying attention in class. Actually, neither was I, for my eyes were focused on her screen. She was watching this Chinese film, but she was watching it for the pretty red dress the lead female wore. The sweetheart neckline was amazing; the colour was so vibrant and popped on-screen.

So I came home, slept, and wasted spent a large part of my evening viewing the film Suddenly Seventeen (there is a copy on YouTube, I will link it after my signature). I thought of my honey the whole time I was watching this and I felt just as devastated as Liang when her boyfriend of ten years broke up with her over a phone call as she was chasing him by car. I shiver thinking about it.

Ok, so Liang (lead female) is twenty-eight years old, living a good life with a perfect, handsome boyfriend and a really awesome best friend. It’s been ten years and she thought he was going to propose, but he was so pre-occupied with work that he had basically neglected her and a few scenes later he suggests they break up in a soft but firm voice (it makes my blood boil).

But I shouldn’t spoil the whole thing. Basically there are some magic chocolates that psychologically reverts her back to seventeen years old and she lives as a seventeen year old for five hours every time she ingests one of these chocolates. You should probably watch it when you get time (1 hour 38 minutes viewing time). It really puts into perspective the existential crisis you’re bound to go through, and encourages you to make better decisions when you’re younger so that the future you is happier.

I would have cried if I hadn’t spent all my tears on my honey and my future already. Of course we all make terrible decisions when we are young. I made too many mistakes before I was sixteen and some of them come back to haunt me sometimes. I just don’t want to wake up when I’m twenty-eight and realise my life is shit.

Honey, I’m sorry and I promised I wouldn’t think past November this year. But the film taught me a great deal, and I thought of a few things in the distant future, your life, my life, things I won’t talk about with you until much later. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching romantic films and dramas after I met you, it’s that communication is key, and not to believe everything that one sees in fiction. I accept that we are both humans who constantly change, and the person you were last week isn’t exactly the same person I spoke to last night, and that’s okay with me. Just as you once said to me, as long as the person I will change into isn’t outlandish, you will still continue to love me. That goes for you too. I will still continue to love you even if you aren’t the same person who shared a blissful two months of pure honeymoon happiness with me before the haze cleared.


~ Serendipitous

There are English subtitles if you don’t speak Mandarin!! There are also Chinese subs on top of the English 😀 Even though the title of the video is 17 Again – Chinese Edition, it really is called Suddenly Seventeen. Just a side note.


2 thoughts on “398: Suddenly Seventeen

  1. oh my gosh i just watched this movie and im so glad you liked it because i loved it so much!! the girl was so inspiring and i wish i could be more like her! please hit me up if you ever want to talk about things sweetie 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

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    • Gurl it was amazing, Liang is inspiring me to pick up my academic game before my finals!!! I am ashamed to admit this but I kept rewatching the subway scene – I am still a hopeless romantic at heart hehe 😂 cue endless scrolling of the YouTube comments to have some kind of analysis on the film too because other people’s opinions of the film are always interesting to see 🙂


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