399: Yesterday Once More

399: Yesterday Once More

I cried like a fucking baby. I thought this was a tragicomedy to start out with, but it was actually just tragic at the end. Though I shouldn’t spoil.

This film is about a girl who comes first in the class and she’s class monitor as well and there’s this dropkick in her class she looks down upon, but then for one of the big tests she cheats and he covers for her. Cue the rest of the story.

The group chat was lit and then this film got suddenly linked by one of my good friends. Well, I needed a break of some sort after half yearly exam block, so I’m sacrificing sleep and living my dreams, watching movies.

To be honest, this movie pushes so many Asian stereotypes, which made me feel uncomfortable but it was sort of relatable. I mean of course, I have suffered my own form of tiger mum syndrome, but that’s such a small part of the film that it becomes overlooked once you look back on the film as a whole.

God you have to see it for yourself. It’s the same thing with Suddenly Seventeen. It’s something you should watch if you’re about to graduate high school or suffer an existential crisis.

Honey, I miss you! And I love you! And this film is another sign telling me that if I study hard enough and make my dreams come true, then we can be happy together, too. Maybe that’s just my seventeen year old self being idealistic and hopelessly romantic again.



~ Serendipitous

NB: From top to bottom, Vietnamese subs, Chinese Mandarin subs, English subs. Whatever works for you. When I wasn’t watching the film I would listen out for the actual language (I was lowkey multitasking) but when I was watching I looked at the English subs. I’m a fake Chinese Mandarin girl, I’m ABC but I will invest time after HSC to read, write and speak like a true native LOL

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