408: Last Day of Seventeen

408: Last Day of Seventeen

And school started!!! Gross…although today was a good day, and by that I mean there was an absence of bad things in my day, so it was a good day. Yay!

Tomorrow I am going to try red wine for the first time in my life as an eighteen year old and it will be an interesting experience. I think I have high alcohol tolerance because most of my family does, but maybe I will turn out to be a lightweight, LOL! The state of inebriation will be unknown territory for me until I find out soon enough.

Also today we got our HSC timetable. Which was exactly the same as the draft timetable that was leaked last week. I can’t wait for November 3rd to be over!! And then I’ll be free for another four months, minus dental school interviews if they come ^^” and then I’ll finally do some formal dress hunting, ah Year 10 mems…but yeah woohoo!!! Keeeeeeen

This morning I had a dream about my honey, and I don’t really remember most of it (I did remember after I woke up but silly me decided to write it down later but now I’ve forgotten), but we were running together in an abandoned subway and he showed me something and then I woke up. Boring dream, I know, but I have more exciting ones. There was one where I had this massive saga play out in my dream, something to do with traversing planes of existence, time travelling and all that, maybe I’ll write a post when I get time on the weekend because I have so many things to do tonight and I just wanted to get this post up before I get swamped again and I really wanted to keep posting on my blog just to show my future self that yes I am surviving Year 12 and I am surviving rocky terrain in my life and yes I can still keep doing it until I become my future self! Also note to future self, I am sorry for screwing up my sleeping patterns, and half of my life. I am really sorry. 🙂 Don’t screw up for future future self either 😀

Honey I have a meme for you! But I didn’t want to spam the chat! But here’s a meme

da meme

Not-essays are only written sparingly and with cute and deep messages for you ❤

Alright that’s my day over and I’ll have to go back to studying. I am sad about having to go to Chem tutoring tomorrow after school, but there simply isn’t a better time than tomorrow and I really want to use the weekend to do the work I was SUPPOSED TO DO in the holidays :’D sucks to be me.

I went bowling and the arcade on Monday with guess who! Hehe 😛 I should write a post about that later. My first time being at an arcade and my first time bowling with a special someone alone. Hehe

I think I won’t miss being seventeen as much I missed being sixteen. Being seventeen was fun and had its moments, but I also experienced some really low times which I would like to leave behind me and forget as I turn eighteen and stay eighteen for another three hundred and sixty five days yay hahahahaha I won’t miss being eighteen either, next assessment block and trials and actual HSC will probably cause me so much unnecessary emotional toil. And then university, probably, too. I would totally tag this as a stream of consciousness except there’s nothing creative about anything I just said.



~ Serendipitous


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